Equine Transport Course (Certificate of Competence)

Course moved to online delivery

We have now moved the Certificate of Competence for Transport of Equines course online to allow access during a time when it is not always possible to travel.   You must have a completed application form submitted prior to booking a place on the next course date.

On-site courses are subject to sufficient demand.

Course dates now available  

Next course dates: Wednesday, 17th July 2024 @ 2 pm (Delivery in full ONLINE) -

Please note that this will be last course date delivered for the Summer months. The next date will not be scheduled until September.

Closing date for applications / booking :11th July 2024

Please click the link to complete the : Application Form

Booking Information:

Please submit an application via the link . Once submitted you will be placed on our waiting list and will be notified of the next available date or how to book if dates are already confirmed.

If you have completed the training and are awaiting your certificate, note that the certificate is issued by the Department of Agriculture. It can take between 2-3 weeks for the certificate to be issued. If you wish to enquire as to the status of your certificate, please email Transport@agriculture.gov.ie

Please see full details of the course below. If you have any questions please email training@racingacademy.ie

Jan 2021 Update

Change to renewal for Irish Certificate of Competence 

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine have confirmed a change to policy which will require all holders of the Certificate of Competence for Equine Transport, to repeat training in advance of certificate renewal after a ten year period.  The requirement for repeating training starts with immediate effect and applies for all renewals.

Updates following Brexit     

Certificate of Competence for Equine Transport update following Brexit:

  • The certificate of competence (CoC) for Equine Transport is the qualification that is currently offered by RACE and certified by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.  The certificate covers the transport of equines within the EU.  The holder of an Irish certificate of competence can write to the APHA in the UK with a copy of their cert and request a UK copy be issued for them in the same species.  However please note that the APHA have confirmed that drivers and attendants must hold the CoC in the UK, unlike the EU, were one certified person on board is accepted.

Other Equine Transport updates following Brexit:

Contact details for relevant UK bodies:

ATTENTION: The qualification is an EU qualification, concerned with transporting horses within the EU and therefore no longer covers the transport of horses in the UK (not including Northern Ireland for Irish residents).  We will include updates in relation to various aspects of transporting horses between Ireland and the UK where possible as part of the course and provide links to where up to date information can be found.

If you have any questions that are outside the remit of the Certificate of Competence course, please contact the Transport Section of the Department of Agriculture directly via Transport@agriculture.gov.ie

No, only those transporting horses’ distances of over 65kms and in relation to economic activity need the certificate. 

No, this requirement does not apply to one person transporting one horse, or two people transporting two horses, using a horsebox and vehicle, where the welfare of the horses is the responsibility of those people. 

For travelling within Ireland and the EU, legislation requires only one certified competent person per vehicle. If travelling to the UK, anyone involved with the movement or handling of the animals being transported are required to hold the CoC.

This qualification is required under legislation for those transporting horses in connection with economic activity only. If you are transporting horses to compete as a professional then you are required to hold a certificate. If competing is a hobby then you may in some circumstances (travelling overseas) be required to prove that this is the case.


No, you may need the certificate even if you are only transporting horses for yourself, as this may still be for economic activity and distances of over 65kms. 

1. Check locations and dates available, choose location and date of course/exam and download application form (www.agriculture.gov.ie/animaltransport)
2. Submit an application via link on this page
3. Receive confirmation of exam date and booking details
4. Read through information and workbook (will be available via the online course page once booked for a course date)
5. Attend Training Course online and successfully complete the 30 question multiple choice exam (combined total of approx 3.5 hours)
6. Receive notification and certification from Department of Agriculture (01 607 2706) if successful

The cost is €150 for the course and exam, to include registration, workbook, exam, corrections, certification, regardless of location

Yes. The following discounts apply for group bookings :
5 to 9 people 5%
10 to 19 people 10%
20+ 15%

The content of the exam is based around the new legislation, when you apply for the qualification you will be sent a workbook which summarises this information for you. 

A combined total of approximately 3.5 hours 

Yes, tests can be taken again by arrangement with RACE. 

Although it was originally valid for five year, the Department of Agriculture after a number of years extended it to ten years.  In 2020/2021 the decision was made to require certificate holders to repeat training prior to certificate renewal to align with the standard requirements for other species.  

No, a mare and foal may be considered as a single unit. 

Please contact Lisa O’Brien on 045 522468 or email training@racingacademy.ie to discuss any issues with literacy. 

All of the the content for this course is in English, you must be able to understand the questions and course material to successfully complete the exam. If English is not your first language, please contact Lisa O’Brien on 045 552468 or email training@racingacademy.ie to discuss further.

No, but you may be required to prove that the journey is not in relation to an economic activity. 

Yes you can. 

According to the regulation you cannot transport a mare for whom more than 90% of her pregnancy has passed.

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