How to Apply:

It is COMPULSORY for all those wishing to apply for the 2017/18 Trainee Jockey Course to attend one of our Open Days. These dates are: March 21st & 28th, April 11th & 18th, May 2nd, 9th, 16th and 30th. All Open Days fall on a Tuesday and start at 2pm. To attend an Open Day you must first register with us by contacting RACE by phone, email or fax. Click here to register to attend an Open Day.

An explanation of the registration process and documents required is outlined below and Application Forms can be downloaded here.

STAGE 1 – Registration

You are advised to gather the following items as soon as possible
If you are under 18:
A letter of support from your School – A written statement from the Principal of your school to confirm that you are likely to benefit from attending the Trainee Jockey course. While a general character reference and information regarding behaviour and attendance would be beneficial, their statement that you are likely to benefit from the course is essential.  If the letter is not signed by the Principal it cannot be accepted.   

Parental / guardian support – A written statement from your parent or guardian that you have their full support for your application.  

If you are over 18:
School reference – A written statement from your school in relation to your suitability for your chosen career plus a general character reference and information regarding behaviour and attendance.

Bring the above items to your local Department of Social Protection (DSP) or Intreo office.

Request to be registered for the Racehorse Care and Riding course:
COURSE CODE EQ 0N3 (EQ zero N3)which is categorised under ‘Sports and Leisure’

There are special allowances made for registration on this course in relation to age and school status for those under 18 which is why you will require the above documents.

The DSP may request to view and make a copy of your documents but it is important that you keep the originals.

The closing date for registering for the 2017 / 2018 course is …………….  After this date you will no longer be eligible.

STAGE 2 – Information Gathering

Fill in the personal information sheet click here to download.

Bring the medical information sheet to your GP for completion click here to download.

Complete the applicant medical questionnaire click here to download.

Submit all documents (including school/ parental letters) as soon as possible either by post or scan & e-mail:

Trainee Jockey Course
Racing Academy & Centre of Education
Curragh House
Dublin Road
Co. Kildare


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