Qualified Rider Course & Assessment

Qualified Rider Course & Assessment
These are two separate ½ day MANDATORY Courses for anyone who wishes to apply for a Qualified Rider License. These courses are delivered by RACE on behalf of the Turf Club. It does not matter in which order you attend these courses as long as you have successfully passed both before you will be considered for a licence.

Qualified Riders Course Content
9.30am Registration and Briefing
9.45am Racing Rules and Regulations – Turf Club Official Stewards Enquiries
11.15am Coffee Break
11.30am Health & Safety – Turf Club Doctor
12.30pm Explanation of licensing procedures and presentation of certificates – Turf Club Official
12.45pm Lunch
1.25pm Curragh Racecourse Weigh Room
1.30pm Weigh room procedures and weight recordings – Turf Club Official

Qualified Riders Riding & Fitness Assessment Content
This is an assessment and not a course so it is ASSUMED that you will meet the required standard.

1.45pm Registration and Briefing
2.00pm Tack Up
2.15pm Warm-up
2.30pm Assessment on the gallops
3.00pm Schooling (for those applying to ride over jumps)
3.30pm Untack, wash-down horses and return to stables
3.45pm Simulator Fitness Assessment – 3 minutes ‘riding a finish’ including changing whip hand on command.

The Turf Club notifies applicants whether they have passed or failed and you will NOT be told on the day of assessment.

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