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Horse racing is about winning and more than most sports it’s about the dream of winning. To become a jockey you need more than a dream, you need passion and determination, but most of all you need a solid foundation.  A jockey is a professional athlete, just like a professional soccer player or a professional rugby player. Having talent is just the beginning; forging a long-term career takes time and a lot of training. Professional athletes are highly trained physically and mentally from a young age to prepare them to deal with all the challenges they face over the course of a career. Major sports provide academy training to ensure that students of today will make the leading athletes of tomorrow. As the Academy to the Irish racing industry we are confident that our Trainee Jockey Course is the best foundation available for a long-term career as a professional jockey….. and how do we know this?….. Just take a look at the careers of our graduates over the past 40 years.  The RACE Trainee Jockey Course IS the world’s most successful training programme for aspiring jockeysTraining for today, educating for tomorrow since 1977. #40Years

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