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Applications are now open

Explanation of the application process for 2021 KWETB Trainee Jockey Course (You can download a copy of these instructions by clicking here)

Please follow the steps outlined below carefully

STAGE 1 – RACE expression of interest & attendance of Open Day

When attending an open day you can notify RACE that you are interested in applying for the course this year.  We will then contact you by e-mail, when registration is open.  There is a RACE ‘expression of interest’ form available on our website, which you can complete and post, e-mail or bring with you to an open day.  We will also have this form available for completion at all open days.

It is expected that you have attended an Open Day at RACE prior to registering for the course, so you are clear on the course content and requirements.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions

Registration process will be slightly different to previous years.  Please read the steps required below and follow accordingly.  You must complete all new forms, forms from previous years cannot be accepted.


STAGE 2 – KWETB expression of interest

  1. Complete and submit the KWETB expression of interest form.  This is not the same as the RACE Expression of Interest form you already completed in Stage 1 above.  A form and instructions for completion will be e-mailed to you when you have done both of the following:
    1. We receive a completed RACE expression of interest form from you
    2. You have attended a RACE open day


STAGE 3 – Submission of documentation to RACE

  Documentation Instructions Deadline
1 Trainee Jockey Course Information Sheet 1. RACE TRAINEE JOCKEY COURSE

Complete in full


30th of June 2021


2 Applicant Medical Questionnaire 2. RACE Applicant Medical Questionnaire

Complete in full and submit along with information sheet above to:

3 Under 18’s – Parental support letter You need to provide a signed written statement from your parent or guardian that you have their full support for your application.
4 GP Medical Information Sheet 3. RACE GP Medical Information

Must be completed by your GP.   Submit once completed.  Course information sheet should have been submitted in advance of this.

In advance of attending RACE for trial.  We will not require this until trial arrangements are in place.  Complete now if convenient/possible with your GP.
5 Principal letter – under 18’s


Template – Principle Letter

For all those under the age of 18 please try to have your school principal complete the form.  We appreciate some schools are closed, but often the office e-mails are monitored and it may be possible to get completed.

Ideally submit this with your information sheet, however it will be required in advance of any place being offered.
6 School reference – over 18’s For all those over the age of 18 a general school reference is useful or if employed an employer reference can also be included.  We appreciate some schools are closed, but often the office e-mails are monitored and it may be possible to get completed. Ideally submit this with your information sheet, however it may be required in advance of any place being offered.

Note in relation to age

Minimum age for the course is the minimum statutory school leaving age.  Applicants should have turned 16 by September 1st in year of application.  Exception – where the applicant will turn 16 years of age before December 31st in year of application they may be registered and referred for the course providing they have the support of their parent/guardian and the school reference as outlined on the explanation page.

The closing date for registering for the course has not yet been determined.  We will notify all who have expressed interest in the course by e-mail as soon as we confirm the closing date.  After this date you will no longer be eligible.

By post By e-mail (scan/ e-mail)
Trainee Jockey Course, Racing Academy & Centre of Education,

Curragh House, Dublin Road, Kildare, Co. Kildare


Closing Date: To be confirmed, please complete and submit ASAP

Trial places are usually assigned after the closing date.

You will have to contribute to the cost of accommodation and meals while staying at RACE for selection trials.


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No: CHY 9242