Industry Short Courses

What’s available?

We have a selection of training options for those who recently started working in a yard or those who would like to improve their riding skills.  We have two day, four day and six day options available, with dates available throughout 2019.

How to book?

Trainers can book in employees or prospective employees to access this training, with options for ground staff and riders, contact Sandra Hughes (Ph: 0873781739) for further information or assistance in booking places.

Interested stable staff should contact us here or contact Sandra directly (Ph: 0873781739) and we can reach out to trainers to let them know what’s available that might suit staff needs.

Course content?

Depending on the needs of those booked to attend, the content can vary.  We just completed a four day training course that focused on improving confidence and riding skills for those working in a racing yard for six months or less.  All candidates had good horse care skills and most had ridden sport horses prior to starting work in a yard.  The training allowed the majority to return to work and rider a greater number of lots due to improved confidence and riding skills.

We have the potential to determine the focus and course content to suit the applicants needs.

Some examples:

Two day course for ground staff to improve basic horse handling, stable management and horse care skills

Two day course for riders working in a yard longer than six months, to improve riding skills and ensure best practice

Four day course for riders working in a yard less than six months, to convert from riding sport horses

Six day course, delivered over a number of weeks with a specific focus on riding skills improvement, perfect for developing current exercise riders

Current dates scheduled for 2019?

Month Course Date
March Two-day Course Wednesday – Thursday 27th – 28th March
May Four-day Course Tuesday – Friday 7th – 10th May
September Four-day Course Tuesday – Friday 17th – 20th September
October Two-day Course Wednesday – Thursday 16th – 17th
November Four-day Course Tuesday – Friday 5th – 8th November

Six-day course dates to be agreed with trainer depending on availability of staff – contact us to find out more.

As these courses are new for 2019, check back for updates on what’s delivered. 



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